In an increasingly complex world, facilitation is key to solving problems and unlocking innovation. As an expert facilitator I strive to create inclusive environments where people can collaborate effectively.

"Tess is a great facilitator - she encouraged us to be open and speak up! Tess showed that she cared about getting results and positive outcomes."

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Creating a facilitation community

I will help you to build a self-sustaining and effective community of facilitators within your organisation through:

  • Delivering ‘become a confident facilitator’ workshop with 10-15 people

  • Coaching and supporting staff to put learning into practice

  • Providing you with tools & resources to replicate the learning cycle

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Become a confident facilitator training

A three hour training session which introduces people to the core principles of facilitation and provides them with space to practice techniques for preparing, running and concluding workshops or meetings.

I can also run bespoke version for your organisation or team.


Ad-hoc facilitation support

I’m an expert facilitator who can support you with planning and running a whole range of different workshops and discussions.

I have experience facilitating workshops and hack days involving over 50 people.

I’ve facilitated workshops in business, education and community settings and adapt my style to suit your participants and their goals.